Ivan the Terrible

Sergej Prokofjev, Libor Vaculík

About Play

A dramatic ballet about Tsar Ivan the Terrible is plausibly based upon, and draws on, historical sources which are, thanks to their richness and grandiosity, predestined to be translated into jazzily full-blooded theatrical form. 

The dramatic plot of the ballet is full of sudden twists and intrigues and the story does not lack motifs of love, friendship, and loyalty as well as betrayal and hatred. The music of Sergei Prokofiev will surely amplify the general tone of this historical theatrical fresco. The quality of its instrumentation is a guarantee that on the stage of the Moravian Theatre, a production will be presented that will, beyond doubt, intrigue even the most demanding “non-ballet-loving” theatregoer.

With Ivan the Terrible, the librettist, choreographer, and director Libor Vaculík follows the successful productions that he created in the past for the ballet department of the Moravian Theatre: Slavonic Duets, Edith, the Little Sparrow, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Queen Margot. In some of them, just as in the upcoming premiere, Libor Vaculík was inspired by historical figures whose stories deserve to be personalised through dance. 

Duration: cca 2 hours , 1 intermission
Premiere: Nov 4, 2022


Tuto inscenaci v nejbližší době nehrajeme.

Creators and Cast

Libor Vaculík
Musical direction
Petr Malásek
Musical selection, choreography, lightning conception
Libor Vaculík
Scenic design and projections
Petr Hloušek
Costume design
Roman Šolc
Director and choregrapher assistant

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