Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

About Play

What does or should the traditional form of opera look like? Is there such a thing as a classical treatment? Why do we keep dusting opera off? Why do we think anything of everything? This production, directed by the tandem of Veronika Kos Loulová and Jiří Havelka, explores the theme of how classical works are perceived today and examines our ideas about ancient history.

The opera, composed for the occasion of the coronation of Leopold II as King of Bohemia, is translated as The Generosity of Titus. The work was commissioned by the Czech Estates and first performed at the Estates Theatre in Prague in September 1791. The libretto was written by Caterino Mazzolà, based on a draft by Pietro Metastasio. The main character is the Roman emperor Titus and Vitellia, the daughter of the former emperor, who is trying to assassinate him. The theme of the work is based on antiquity and the story itself is set in 79 AD in Rome.

With the participation of the orchestra and choir of the Moravian Theatre Olomouc.

The opera is presented in the Italian original with Czech and English subtitles.

Duration: cca 2 hours 5 minutes, 1 intermission
Premiere: May 19, 2023


Tuto inscenaci v nejbližší době nehrajeme.

Creators and Cast

Caterino Mazzolà
Pietro Metastasio
Musical rendition
Filip Urban
Director and dramaturg
Jiří Havelka
Scenic design and lighting design
Wariot Ideal
Costume design
Andrea Králová
Language expert
Sandro Wilhelm
Musical preparation
Conductor assistant
Filip Urban
Director assistant
Stage manager
Isabelle Arce


Vilém Cupák, j. h.
Marek Žihla, j. h.
Vojtěch Pelka, j. h.
Zuzana Jeřábková, j. h.
Eliška Zajícová, j. h.
David Szendiuch, j. h.
Arielle Yuhyun Jeon, j. h.